Exploring Harvard University’s Free Online Courses

This article will highlight and explore three of Harvard University’s free online courses offered to students worldwide. Can you believe it?

Are you looking to kickstart your career or master specific fields/domains this year? Then your search ends here!

Indeed, that’s accurate.

Let’s Get Started: Exploring Harvard University’s Free Online Courses

This article will delve into exploring Harvard University’s free online courses, but this article is limited to providing information about the three courses among them that will help you in the tech world.

That is to say, these courses are the need of the hour. Because they equip individuals with the necessary knowledge, and skills so that they stay competitive and adaptive to the current-technology-driven world.

With that said, now it’s time to list down the courses and their necessary information. Furthermore, what skills do they target?

Introduction to Game Development

Topics and skills targeted: 2D and 3D game development, graphics, animation, sound, collision detection

Focus on: creative interactive using popular languages and frameworks, for instance, Lua and C#.

Duration: around 12 weeks
Time commitment: 6–9 hours per week

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Python

Topics targeted:
AI concepts, graph search algorithms, probability theory, machine learning, and neural networks.

Projects: Hands-on projects using Python
Duration: around 7 weeks.
Time commitment: 10–30 hours per week.

Introduction to Computer Science

Topics/skills targeted:
Algorithms, data structures, software engineering, and web development.

Programming languages targeted:
C, Python, SQL, and JavaScript

Duration: around 12 weeks
Time commitment: 6–18 hours per week

Wrapping Up

Each one of Harvard University’s free online courses mentioned in this article targets skills and areas that are extraordinarily demanding if you have or are stepping into the tech world. So groom yourself and be adaptive to your existing technology-driven surroundings in 2024 by enrolling in these courses. The more you have the knowledge and skills, the more you suit the current tech market needs. Explore Harvard University’s free online courses in their catalogue.

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