Heritage Restaurant: An Honest Review of the Not-So-Worth-It Dining Experience

I had some of my relatives cherish Heritage Restaurant, which is located on the highway. Luckily, we were invited to have dinner there. I was way more excited as it was located on the highway, and some of the YouTube videos that came across showcased it with a perfect ambiance and quality food.

Heritage Restaurant

Let’s Get Started: Heritage Restaurant Review

Heritage Restaurant

Heritage is a restaurant located on the highway. It also has both the seating options available: the takht system and the rooftop option. The restaurant is wide open and decorated beautifully.


As we entered Heritage Restaurant, it looked attractive from the entrance. However, after my complete visit, I can surely say that Heritage is finely decorated, but I didn’t find it attractive from the inside, and it looks like there are some enchanting glimpses missing.

For me, as compared to other highway-outlandish restaurants except for the entrance, it was appealing, but overall the ambiance was not fulfilling to my taste. There is much attractiveness and appeal needed in their settings.

The Food

Now, let’s devour the food, because how can a restaurant review be completed without food discussion and reviews?As we were mostly Karahi and Handi lovers, we were served Peshawari Karahi and Handi.

The handi was a BBQ chicken handi; believe me, I found the creamy texture missing in that handi. Furthermore, I didn’t get a BBQ flavor from the handi. It was not spicy.
So for me, I will rate it 2.5 out of 5.

Heritage Restaurant

Whereas, if I talk about Peshawari Karachi, it was far better compared to the handi; however, it was too spicy for my taste buds. But overall, it was flavorful. I would rate it 3 out of 5.

We had plain naans and some chapatis with handi and karahi, but mostly I found the naans were too crispy and not soft, which disappointed me a lot, and the chapatis were just fine.

Food Arrival Time

I believe the food will arrive at was fine. However, it took way more time to bring more water bottles when we ordered more.

Staff Services

Compared to other highway restaurants, what disenchanted me was that their staff service was not quick; we had to look for waiters for some time to order more water bottles, and the same goes for naans. After some calls, they heard it, but it took a long time to bring it.


As for continuing Highway Food Restaurants’ legacy, the food prices at Heritage Restaurant were on the higher side. I believe, as per the prices, they also should need to work on their food quality and take it to new heights.

Key Takeaways: Heritage Restaurant

Heritage Restaurant

If you are visiting Heritage Restaurant, look for people’s reviews, and secondly, consider their food options and their prices. After assessing these aspects, you can fairly decide. They have various other options on the menu. The review of the food, ambiance, and services of Heritage is based on my experience at this restaurant. It can vary for other people.

Overall, the experience at Heritage was fine, but I hope that when I visit this place again, it will be much better.

Heritage Restaurant: Official Instagram page

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this review are based on personal experiences and preferences. Individual experiences may vary, and constructive feedback is provided to encourage improvements.

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