Salto at Maskan food Street: An Underrated Place: Yay or Nay?

This time, we are excited to bring you a review of Salto that you won’t want to miss!

After a long and tiring exam period, there’s nothing quite like unwinding with friends and indulging in a delicious meal. As the scorching days of summer rolled in, we were on the lookout for a cool and relaxed spot to lift our spirits. Our initial choice, Burger O’Clock at Maskan food street, fell short as they didn’t offer Pakistani drinks and had a limited menu. Craving a more diverse dining experience, we ventured to a new place nearby called “Salto” near Disco Bakery, Gulshan-e-Iqbal.

Let’s Get Started: The food Escapade at Salto

Upon entering Salto, we were greeted by dim lighting that created a cozy atmosphere. While it wasn’t as cool as we had hoped, we managed to find a spot near the AC and settled in for a relaxed chat.

The Food Review

When it came time to order, we were pleasantly surprised by the economical deals and diverse menu offerings at Salto, which included burgers, pizzas, roll parathas, and more. We opted for a deal that included two large pizzas,and each of us also ordered zinger burger, fries, and refreshing Cola Next, then we eagerly waited for our food.

Salto’s yummy food

We ordered the following items:

1. Classic Deal 01: This includes 2 Large Pizzas priced at Rs. 1499.

2. Zinger Burger combo: Comes with fries and a Cola, priced at Rs. 599.

Salto’s yummy food

The pizzas arrived steaming hot and brimming with flavour, with one boasting the house specialty “Supremo Pizza” and the other a delightful “Creamy Fajita.” Each bite was a burst of flavor, and the generous portion sizes left us thoroughly satisfied. As we savored our pizzas, we found ourselves too full to devour the zinger burgers and fries, we opted to have them packed for later. However, we found the packaging to be subpar, as the thin paper bags were prone to spills. We requested sturdier plastic bags to secure our meal.

The Dining Experience at Salto

Upon our arrival at Salto, we were pleased to find that the restaurant was not yet bustling with customers, as we prefer a quieter dining experience. The service we received was good, with the staff proving to be both friendly and attentive. The ambiance of the restaurant was comfortable and inviting, which gave off a homely vibe. However, we felt that the overall atmosphere did not match the luxurious ambiance of other upscale food establishments in K-town.

One minor issue we encountered was the inadequate air conditioning, especially during the hot summer days. Despite these small drawbacks, our time at Salto holds precious memories for me and my friends. It provided the perfect setting for a cozy and relaxed meal, allowing for meaningful conversations and bonding.

Key Takeaways

Overall, our experience at Salto was delightful, despite a few areas that could benefit from improvement, such as the air conditioning, dim lighting, and packaging materials. We consider Salto to be a hidden gem that deserves more recognition, and we strongly encourage our fellow Pakistanis to lend their support to local eateries like Salto. We are eagerly anticipating our next visit with family and friends to explore more of the offerings available. Rest assured, Salto is truly worth a visit!

I hope you enjoyed this review. Please visit Salto‘s official website to place an order.

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