The Current Price of Honda CD 70 in Pakistan

Atlas Honda is one brand which is loved by the people of Pakistan, and many find its CD-70 a good choice for us daily user. We’re here to guide you through the variants in price and availability of this famous bike.

Honda CD 70 Cost in Pakistan lies between Rs. 100,000 to Rs. 120,000 depending upon the specifications given and optional factory additions selected.

Honda CD 70 Price in Pakistan

A current purchase price of the Honda CD 70 in Pakistan is PKR 157,900 that is, in August 2023. The Chinese competitors compete in the market with the county of the CD70 but the potentiality of the brand forms a good foundation for them to hold their ground due to their reliability and brand reputation.

Key Specifications and Features

Engine: CD 70 has a 4-Stroke OHC / Air Cooled(engine) with a displacement of 72 cm³. It has a piston displacement of 8,374 cc, with a bore and stroke of 47.0 x 41.4 mm.

Fuel Efficiency: The CD 70 has been proud of having an outstanding fuel consumption of only 55.0 KM/L comparatively with other motorcycles. Therefore, it runs the engine in a very economize way.

Transmission: It has 4 speeds of constant mesh transmission is used for effortless shift between gears.

Fuel Tank Capacity: According to the owner’s manual, the bike’s fuel tank is sizable enough to contain liquid of up to 8.5 liters.

Ground Clearance: The CD 70 comes with a suspension that is designed to offer comfortable driving experience with 4.4 inches of ground clearance.

Weight: Its weight on an average is 82 kg.

Tires: The front and rear tires are DOT A/5R-4PR(PO 4.5).

Pros and Cons

What We Like:

Excellent Fuel Average: CD 70 shows the great result of the fuel economy, and the car will be for those who need every day drives.

Quick Resale: It is the good resale value that guarantees your happy mind when you buy from it as well.

Easy Parts Availability: Repair is easy, obtaining spare parts being the simplest issue.

What We Don’t Like:

Outdated Shape: A few riders will face its 70’s design that appears outdated for some of them.

Declining Build Quality: With time to look back, the reliability of the goods has been pulled apart.

Lack of Features: It lacks typical features which come forth with modern loads.

A Brief History

The Honda CD 70, which was previously released as the Honda 70, first came into production by Honda from 1970 to 1991. In 1991 production started to move towards Atlas Honda in Pakistan. The first market four-stroke motorcycle was CD 70 which was used to replace two-stroke motorcycles and Vespa 1. since then, it has kept it place as a trustworthy and cost efficient choice for riders.

The current model, the Honda CD 70 model 2024 in which the engine and design has been modified having 101 improvements with it. Despite the price fluctuation, its constantly a top choice of Pakistani consumers.

Keep up with the latest price and feature of this durable model and just have fun on your ride!🏍️

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