The Review of Alvigha: Savor the #1 Irresistible Platter

This food series presents a review of Alvigha, which has been the center of attention since its opening. It is nestled in Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Block 1. For their flavourful and finger-licking meals, as the day shifts towards the evening, people desperately reserve their tables. As the evening springs into the night, this food joint is jam-packed, and customers waiting in line extend to the main road.

Introduction: The Review of Alvigha Restaurant

Alvigha has been quite famed since it has opened. Surprisingly, people wait for hours in line to grab the spot and enjoy their appetizing meals. You will find people from all the social classes, whether fancy eaters or others, and that is what grabs them to Alvigha about the quality and rich food they offer. To amaze you more, Alvigha is economical in its food options as compared to the other eateries.

Without waiting further, let’s start the review of Alvigha.

The Review of Alvigha

Alvigha’s Flavorsome Platters

It has been quite a buzz among the Karachiites for their succulent BBQ platter, served with rich-spiced rice and grilled tomatoes and chilies. Believe me, their platter will resist your temptation to try it more often. They have the Shahi platter, which is for 8–9 people and includes Isfahani boti, Sheestok boti, Malai boti, Red boti, Green boti, Beef bihari, Chandan kebab, Malai kebab, Chulu kebab, Reshmi Kebab, served with pulao rice, grilled tomatoes, and grilled chillies.

They also have a Kebab platter that covers 5–6 persons and contains Cheese kebab, Khoya kebab, Chullu kebab, Chandan kebab, Reshmi kebab & Malai kebab served with pulao rice, Roghni naan, and parathas, topped with grilled tomatoes, grilled chillies, and butter. That’s not all; they also have a yummy classic platter that includes Isfahani beti, Sheestok boti, Malai boti, Red boti Chullu kebab, and Reshmi Kebab, served with pulao rice, grilled tomatoes, and grilled chilies. This platter is for 4–5 persons, and for 2–3 people, the portion gets smaller. You can also have the option of asking them to top your luscious platter with rich cream, which makes it more delicious.

The Review of Alvigha

The Menu

Wait, that’s not all. Now let’s feast you with their rich-filled famous handi, Paneer reshmi handi. The handi is creamy and has a lusious, rich flavour. Eating the handi with naan is extremely flavorful.

There are various options in handis too. You will not be left with any disappointments. They have mouth-watering Karahis, Kebabs, BBQ botis, tikkas, appetizing rice dishes, and different delectable options for starters.

The Review of Alvigha

The Seating Area

The seating places are jam-packed by midnight, which makes the place congested and busy with families. Every table is nestled with each other very close, which makes it busy, congested, and a little suffocated. That’s why it is suggested to score your spot in the very evening when the restaurant opens. They have an outdoor seating option, but the overcrowding makes that also congested and busy.

This brings us to the end of the review of Alvigha. This review of Alvigha entails the opinions I had after experiencing their meals.

The Review of Alvigha: The Final Takeaway

If you live nearby and haven’t visited that, you are missing out on a big part. Or if you live far away in a different town, then you also need to visit this for at least 3–5 month; you will not resist stretching it more often. I would highly recommend it to anybody who is on the lookout to eat succulent BBQ items and has to have something different from mandis. You can also try their mouthwatering handis and karahis; they are worth it. Their Shahi platter and Paneer Reshmi handi are a must-try.

Don’t just tempt your hunger with the review of Alvigha. Let’s grab a wholesome meal this weekend with your family and friends at Alvigha, the heart of Gulshan e Iqbal. Do share your favourite meals from Alvigha in the comment section. I would like to hear from you about your experience.

Details about Alvigha

Service Options

 Dine-in, takeaway, and delivery


A 295, Block 2, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh


Opens 6 p.m.


(021) 38893933


Alvigha’s Facebook page

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Disclaimer: The review of Alvigha is based on my personal experience at this restaurant.

Do comment and tell me about your experience at Alvigha.

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