540 Watt Solar Panel Price in Pakistan

One of the most mature, reliable and ecofriendly resources of energy around the globe is solar power at this point in time. It is possible that it can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduces electricity bills, and provide an insurance against energy scarcity. To put it another way, having excellent solar panels is the most fundamental aspect for turning light into electricity appliances with a good level of accuracy and stability.

To name one of the popular and highest rated solar panels, 540 watts solar panel which is available in the markets. The panel mentioned has a higher capacity, life span, and repair ability; these are some of the characteristics which is suitable for both residential, commercial and industrial environment. Yet, a 540w solar panel Pakistan price depends on the accessibility factor. Beside the who are responsible for its production, what are the factors that contribute to the price?

The following article is an answer to the queries “What is the cost of 540w solar panel in Pakistan?” and aims to provide you with detailed clarifications We are going to review as well some of the best brands and models of the 540 watt solar panels each with a guide on how to pick the most appropriate for your task at hand .

What is a 540 Watt Solar Panel?

A solar panel rated 540 watts and 540 watts is by its nature a type 540 watts seasonal panel. As it is located at STC, the mentioned solar panel has the capacity to produce 540 watts from sunlight’s energy only. Indeed, but this panel output power is variable due to weather, location, panel orientation and installation quality.

The price of fifty four zero (540) watt solar panels in Pakistan is decided upon the type of a brand, the quality of the items, the warranty applicable, and the market conditions. Whereas, the estimated price of 540 watt solar panel in the country is 31,500 rupees as we have understood from this research. This rate however, does not take into consideration the smart panel, the wiring to the inverter, the battery connector to the inverter or other such installable accessories.

To give you a better idea of the price range of 540 watt solar panels in Pakistan, here are some of the best brands and models that we found online, along with their prices and features:To give you a better idea of the price range of 540 watt solar panels in Pakistan, here are some of the best brands and models that we found online, along with their prices and features:

Longi Hi-MO LR5-72HPH 540W

This is a product which is a monocrystalline solar panel that has 21.7% conversion efficiency and a 12-year system performance guarantee and 25-year warranty for the solar panels. It employs M10 solar panels and solar cells that are cut in half to achieve high power performance combined with relatively low rate of their loss. It also has a thermal coefficient and large resistance to PID and LID. The cost I will be paying for this panel is PKR 31,860.

Jinko Tiger N-Type 540W

This is a monofacial solar panel with the efficiency of 21.4% and 15 years warranty in regards to the product and a 30 years warranty for the panel performance. This module applies the N-type cell technology and micro-groove ribbon technology, which resolves the inter-cell gap and enlarges the actives area. It also contains transparent glass covering on the backside giving the model to absorb sunlight from both sides and thus produce more energy. Building these frames requires expenses of 33,300 PKR or so.

Canadian Solar Hiku CS3L-MS 540W

This is a brand-new monocrystalline solar panel which has an efficiency of 20.6% as well as 10-year guarantee for product only and 25-year guarantee for performance. The technology is of 6 busbar and shingle types that reduce cell resistance and increase the system reliability. In addition, it has a split junction box than results in a decrease in the temperature and an improvement in safety. The cost for this panel will be at 31320 rupees.

JA Solar JAM72S30 540W

This is the Y series monocrystalline solar panel that delivers a 20.5% performance efficiency and a product and performance warranty period of 12 years and 25 years, respectively. It adopts PERC and bifacial type of photovoltaic cells to achieve their goal power generation efficiency and avoid the generation of hot spots. It contains a heavy gauge reinforced frame which can not only allow it to be erected in places with high wind and snow loads but also withstand these weather conditions. The cost of this panel is Rs 30,240 rupees (this will be finalized when we sit down to discuss other material costs.)


Solar energy is not just a great way to green your house or business but also that to produce electricity is renewable and inexpensive. While this is true, one should acquire the best quality of solar panels and those can only do enough to satisfy the consumer’s energy requirements.

With an efficiency rate of 23.5 %, the 540 watt solar panel is one of the best purchase options available in the market today since it offers high power output, durability, and performance. On the other hand, the solar panel price in Pakistan may vary depending upon each brand, type, quality, warranty, and market conditions situation.

Consequently, before you do not forget to go through the studies and compare the PV panels, then you need to see the different choices that are available. You too have to take your mileage considered, budget, chosen site of and type of roof panels, and select the panel that suits you most.

It is our expectation that this article has made your understanding about 540 W solar panels’ price in Pakistan and the tips to make the right choice apparent to you. If by any chance you have any questions or comments to send us, you are more than welcome to do so anytime. We love to serve our clients through solar energy solutions that suit their particular needs. Thank you for reading!😊

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