12 Best Food Options at Hussainabad Food Street

Who is craving street food in Karachi? We present to you the #1 top-class food options on Hussainabad food street. The food and drink options are so diverse and mouth-watering that you can’t even explore half of them in two or three trips. Moreover, the prices vary according to different food shops and joints.

Let’s Begin this Exciting Food Journey to Hussainabad food street

Luckily, this food series will dive deep into exploring Hussainabad street food, and we will get you covered with the top-hit food options that you must not leave during your visit to this luscious food street.
Often, we want to be light-handed on our pockets and want to eat meals that are tasty and flavorful yet economical. Hussainabad food-street arena is not just a hub of rich food for desi-food aficionados but a bursting at the seams of different cuisines.
We will not let you drool over these details; instead, let’s unpack our options for this enlightening food journey to Hussainabad Food Street. Surprisingly, you will find unique tastes with varying prices.
On this rich culinary experience in Hussainabad, we present to you with pleasure the first meal.

Hussainabad Food Street Options

Bella Ciao-fries

This wouldn’t be wrong if we called these matka fries, loaded with rich cheese. Breakup is 350 rupees for these scrumptious and loaded fries. However, as per the price, the quantity is low.

Hussainabad Food Street

Freak-in’ fry

This food spot at Husainabad.Their menu covers different types of wraps, fries, panini sandwiches, burgers, pipes, and others. They offered different deals on their menu too. Their prices are a little on the higher side. Their wraps are simply amazing and rich-in flavor.


Then, to fill your tummy with a desi-rich meal, you must pay a visit to a bun-kebab street shop. There are several shops that you will see on the Hussainabad streets. They offer an anday-wala burger at prices ranging from 80 to 120. This appetizing bun kebab is served with savory and spicy mixed chutneys.

BBQ Street Shops

You will not leave without appreciating the BBQ Street shops; the delightful aromas will get you attracted to them. There are different BBQ shops on Hussainabad Street; however, you will find varying prices at each shop. Let me tell you, even if some BBQ food spots offer BBQ at low prices, they don’t compromise on their quality or quantity; both are on high-point. Juicy, tender, and finger-licking beef and chicken BBQ will melt in your mouth like butter.
Beef and chicken lovers! They have got you both covered.

Hussainabad Food Street

The Drink Shops

Now in between, let’s jump over to some drinks, from different foods, shakes, limca drinks, and different varying drinks. We present you with a unique drink called Matka, a spiced drink covered with lime, coriander, and mint leaves that takes its taste to the next level. A drink that you haven’t tasted before is a fusion of spice and savory in just one drink. The breakdown of this spiced-drink is 160 Rs.

The Flavourful Corn Dogs

To add much fun to your trip to Hussainabad street food, do give it a try at unique corn dogs. These are prepared with layers of sausage, chicken layers, and layers of mozzarella cheese, then dipped in the batter, rolled in small-squared potatoes, and then lastly coated in maida.
Finally, they served it with different sauces of ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise. A must-try meal, there is a great crowd at this place.

Qureshi BBQ; Their Lusious Boti Rolls

Then, to top your trip with desi foods, visit Qureshi BBQ, which offers a large roll, famous for different roll varieties, malai boti roll, cheese boti roll, and others. Served with chutneys to take your roll taste to the next level. Their malai boti-rolls are a must to try thing.

The Flavourful Shawarmas

Don’t let your visit be empty at Hot and Spicy, a shop that serves shawarma. As per their food shop name, their shawarmas are hot and spicy.

When flavorful meals are eaten, then what can go wrong?

The Desi-Type Dishes

I know that you are still missing the desi- type gravy dishes such as of kormas, murgh-choley, and much more, served with hot and scrumptious naan made on tandoor. Not to worry, there are small shops and restaurants that offer rich-spiced desi-type dishes. The meat is so tender that it melts as it enters your mouth, and it has great quality to lure it on more till the next visit.

The Famous Fry-kebab

Try the famous fry kabab when visiting different chapli kabab food corners. You will not be disappointed in any way. Succulent and juicy kebabs an meals that dissolve in your mouth just like butter. The freshness, and the satisfying quality and quantity is simply amazing.

The Huge Platter at Hussainabad

If you are left with a budget of Rs.2,000, then a must-eat and famously sizable platter is at the food center in main Hussainabad. Or if your pocket doesn’t allow you this time, then do give it a try on your next visit.
This platter includes lava pizza, 2 scrumptious zinger burgers, and 2 juicy beef burgers, along with a scrumptious and crispy chicken sandwich. This meal can easily be eaten by 4 to 5 people. A must-try platter with quality and quantity both on point.

The Best Momos, the appetizing Khausey, and Much More at Hussainabad

You can eat the best momos at Hussainabad. Moreover, at the food shop of Memon Curry Khausey, you can have an appetizing khausey, and believe me, this will not disappoint you.

Hussainabad Food Street

This is all our awesome food journey to Hussainabad entails, but this Hussainabad is overcrowded with more different meals, ice cream parlors, drink shops, and sweet-savor pan spots.

Takeaways: 12 Best Food Options at Hussainabad Food Street

Hussainabad food street is filled with a variety of unique food options to explore, so pay a visit there with friends and family this weekend.
If your heart is still tempted by just reading street food details from this food experience at Hussainabad food street, then you should grab the spot this weekend to try eateries at this famed street in Hussainabad.

Let me know in the comment section how your experience at Hussainabad food street was. What are your recommended dishes?

Disclaimer: The opinions and suggestions based on the experiences at Hussainabad food street.

The popular magazine “The News” also praises out loud the food variety and options available at Hussainabad street food.

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