Karachi’s Best Roll Parathas: Top Picks!

Are you a food lover in search of the most delicious roll parathas in Karachi?
Look no further!
We have curated a list of the top restaurants that serve the tastiest chapata roll parathas that will leave your taste buds craving more.

Whether you are planning a food expedition or just looking to satisfy your cravings, these top picks should be on your list!

Let’s Get Started: Karachi’s Best Roll Parathas

Red Apple-Roll Parathas

Best Roll Parathas

Let’s start with the Red Apple – their Chicken Chatni Roll and Chicken Garlic Mayo Roll are amazing, and the chutney served with them is incredibly flavorful. It’s no wonder that I can’t resist them every time I go there. The only downside is that they are a bit expensive.
While the variety may not be extensive, each roll paratha is bursting with heavenly delicious flavor. Their BBQ roll parathas are definitely worth trying, but they don’t quite reach the level of richness that Kababjees Express delivers.

Kababjees Express- Tempting Roll Paratha Options

Best Roll Parathas

Have you tried Kababjees Express roll parathas yet?
If not, you’re missing out on some seriously delicious rolls!
From Chicken Chatni Rolls to Chicken Garlic Mayo Rolls, and Chicken Malai Chutney Rolls, all the way to Malai Boti Roll, Bihari Garlic Mayo Roll, and crispy garlic rolls, they’ve got it all.

My personal favourites are the Malai Boti Roll and the Chicken Chatni Roll. They’re so light and tasty, you could easily have two for a meal! However, while the other rolls are fantastic, I do wish the portion sizes were a bit bigger, especially considering the prices.

But here’s the good news – when it comes to their roll parathas, they offer a wide range of options. From cheese variants to garlic mayo roll variants and more, you’re spoiled for choice! I’ve even tried their Bihari Garlic Mayo Roll, and it was amazing. The combination of Behari and mayo garlic flavours were simply irresistible.

However, I must warn you about the crispy garlic mayo roll. While it’s undeniably delicious, it’s also pretty heavy. So if you’re looking for a complete meal, this roll is perfect! Just be prepared to pay a bit more for it.

New O Premier Scrumptious Roll Paratha

Last but not least, we have New O Premier, which offers the economically priced and incredibly tasty Crispy Chatpata Roll. It’s crispy, flavorful, and the perfect size to satisfy your cravings.

Key Takeaways

These are the top three places that I highly recommend for anyone who wants to indulge in the best roll parathas in K-Town. Please note that these picks are solely based on my personal experiences and preferences, which may differ from others. I am not affiliated with any of the mentioned restaurants.

So, what are your three favourite places that serve the most appetizing roll parathas in town? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to like and share this post with fellow foodies!

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