The Review: The Best Party-Makeup at Ivory Salon by Anum Zubair


This article brings something different; we are going to review the makeup at Ivory Salon by Anum Zubair. We will try to uncover bits and pieces of detail about the makeup experience there.

For a gathering, we had some top options for party makeup. We chose Ivory Salon because it was near, and it was also budget-friendly.

Let’s dig in:

The Review of the Makeup at lvory Salon by Anum Zubair

We reached the salon at the time given by them. After some time, we had our makeup done in three stages: first they did our bases, then we were sent for hair styling, and afterward we had our eye makeup.

So, you all must be thinking, Isn’t the process tiring?

No, it wasn’t; rather, it was way more structured. Everything was done properly; even the hair stylists and those doing eye-makeup asked our choices, and they listened to us comfortably. Furthermore, the makeup we had was natural—the makeup that stood out and enhanced our natural beauty.

Another surprising thing is that even on weekdays, the Ivory Salon by Anum Zubair is packed with people. We had an amazing experience there after being untrusted by the beauty salons in the past. The make-up artists and hairstylists were professional and had a true command of doing make-up and styling according to our preferences and choices.

One thing is that they need to work on it, as there were many clients on hand. They can hire more makeup and hair professionals to give clients more quick and astounding experiences.

An exciting thing is that the Ivory Salon by Anum Zubair is offering a flat 50% off on all makeovers.

Summing Up the Experience at Ivory Salon by Anum Zubair

I would say that the overall makeup experience at Ivory Salon by Anum Zubair was incredible and natural to the skin tone. Their hair styling was on-point according to their facial features; it stood out and looked ravishing.

Details of Lvory Salon by Anum Zubair:

Address: Bungalow # C-5, Allama Shabbir Ahmed Usmani Rd., near Practical schooling system Between Rab Medical & Total Petrol Pump, Karachi, 75300

Phone Number: 0345 2345055


Thursday 12–8 pm
Friday 12–8 pm
Saturday 12–8 pm
Sunday 12–8 pm
Monday 12–8 pm
Tuesday 12–8 pm
Wednesday 12–8 pm

lvory Salon by Anum Zubair Pages:

Facebook Page

Instagram Page

I hope you enjoyed the article.

Disclaimer: This article is a personal review of the party-makeup services at Ivory Salon by Anum Zubair, and the opinions expressed are solely those of the author. Individual experiences may vary, and readers are encouraged to consider their own preferences and expectations when seeking salon services.

Picture Usage: The salon name image is used for illustrative purposes only. It does not imply endorsement, and all intellectual property rights belong to Ivory Salon by Anum Zubair. For concerns, please contact the salon directly.

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