The Best Handis in Karachi Restaurants

Karachiites are not just Karahi-lovers; their love for handis can’t be measured. In this article, we delve into reviewing some of the most pleasing handis in K-Town.

Let’s Get Started

As 2024 is just around the corner, you can awaken the foodie within you and try out the best handis. Keep in mind that experiences trying handis at different restaurants can vary from person to person.

The Delicious Handis

Kababjees Restaurant Super-highway

Firstly, on the bucket list is Kababjees at Super Highway. Let’s talk about their makhni handi. It was creamy, rich in spices, and extremely flavorful. The creaminess and richness make it worth having again and again. Despite the relatively higher price, it was worth the money.
Suggestion: A must-try Makhni handi at Kababjees Super-highway.

Alvigha Restaurant

Now, moving towards the handi I tasted at Alvigha in Gulshan e Iqbal block 2. The handi was a paneer reshmi handi. Creamy and delightful, the spices were perfectly balanced, and the cream textures blended into the rich flavor seamlessly.
Suggestion: Highly recommend the Paneer reshmi handi at Alvigha.

Maharaja Restaurant

Next on the list is the luscious paneer reshmi handi at Maharaja Restaurant in North Nazimabad. It was outstanding, featuring a powerful creamy texture that blended with rich flavors deliciously. The creamy texture in this paneer reshmi handi is exceptional and irresistible.
Suggestion: A must-try paneer reshmi handi at Maharaja Restaurant.

Al-Fajr Restaurant

Let’s delve into another elegant restaurant in North Nazimabad, Karachi; Al-Fajr. The paneer reshmi handi was good, with no exceptional taste in flavors. However, considering their other offerings, they have the potential to make it the best.
Suggestion: A decent option at Al-Fajr.

Shaheen Shinwari Restaurant

Moving on to the Shaheen Shinwari paneer reshmi handi. It was just okay; the flavors and creaminess didn’t excite me.
Suggestion: Not the best option for me to try paneer reshmi handi there.

Tandoor Restaurant

Let’s explore the last one on the list. The paneer reshmi handi at Tandoor was reasonable, but Tandoor could elevate their handi game to make it more impressive.
Suggestion: A good choice at Tandoor.

Summing Up

These are some of the Karachi Restaurants that I’ve captured in this article, showcasing some of the best Handis. Opinions and preferences can vary from person to person. It is advised to visit these restaurants now and during the new year’s festivities. Let me know in the comments which one scored 10/10 in their handis.


The opinions expressed in this article are subjective and based on personal experiences. Taste preferences can also vary. Readers are encouraged to explore and form their own opinions, keeping in mind that restaurant experiences can differ.

I hope you enjoy reading this article.

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