top 10 wealthiest people in Pakistan

Pakistan is host to many poor or helpless individuals as well as largest numbers of wealthy and powerful people who have made their fortunes in different fields like business and industry. In this article, we will place a spotlight on the 10 richest people of Pakistan, ranked by their net worth as of 2024.

10. Mian Muhammad Mansha

Net worth: $2.6 billion
Mian Muhammad Mansha from Nishat Group which is the most renowned conglomerate in Pakistan being the chairman and chief executive officer of it, there are varied investments such as textiles, banking, cement, power, and hospitality. Apart from that, he’s got MCB Bank, one of the biggest banks in the country, and other businesses in which he is also a shareholder. Mansha is characterized by his philanthropic work in the order of education and health. This sentence was originally followed by some additional context.

9. Sadruddin Hashwani

Net worth: $2.8 billion
The Hashoo Group was established in 1989, and since it is the founder and the chairman, Sadruddin Hashwani’s main effort is to maintain the group’s diversification in Hospitality, Oil & Gas, Real Estate, Travel, and Tourism. He is the proprietor of a number of premium hotels in Pakistan among them Pearle Continental and Marriott. He, too, is taking up social welfare projects where he owns a foundation called the “Hashoo Foundation” which has a sole purpose of providing education, health and livelihood security to the underprivileged denizens.

8. Rafiq Habib

Net worth: $3 billion
Rafiq Habib is the chairman and founder of House of Rafiq Habib, a privately owned conglomerate which falls back on 3 generations. The group acquires bank, car dealership and retail properties as well as engages in construction and agriculture. A Rafiq Habib is not only the head of Habib Bank Limited, which holds the position of the largest lending bank by the volume of assets in Pakistan, but also the managing director and a member of the Board of Habib Metal Corporation Limited. This billionaire is one of the leading philanthropist and contributes to critical infrastructure areas such as education, health care, and community development.

7. Malik Riaz Hussain

Malik Riaz Hussain is the founder and chairman of Bahria Town, the largest private real estate developer in Pakistan. He has built several mega projects across the country, such as gated communities, shopping malls, golf courses, and amusement parks. He is also known for his charitable work, such as providing free housing, education, health care, and food to the poor.

6. Asif Ali Zardari

Net worth: $3.5 billion
Asif Ali Zardari is a former president of Pakistan and the co-chairman of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), one of the major political parties in the country. He inherited a large fortune from his late wife, Benazir Bhutto, who was also a former prime minister of Pakistan. His wealth comes from various sources, such as agriculture, sugar mills, real estate, and media.

5. Nawaz Sharif

Net worth: $4 billion Nawaz Sharif is a former prime minister of Pakistan and the founder of Pakistan Muslim league Nawaz(PML-N), which is one of the largest political parties in the country. He is a distant member of Ittefaq Group that is a corporate giant under the ownership of the influential family from Pakistan which sits in the group echelon as one of the largest steel producers in the country. Moreover, he has commitments in the pertaining burnt industries like sugar mills, paper mills, agriculture, and transport.

4. Anwar Pervez

Net worth: $4.5 billion In 1972, Anwar Pervez started an international retail chain that is now headquartered in UK. While working as a cashier in a groceries store in London, he started his business carrier. Once he owned his own wholesale business, he was able to expand his empire and quickly became one of the largest cash-and-carry operators in the Great Britain. He is owner of United Bank Limited, UBL- one of the major banks in Pakistan.

3. Shahid Khan

Net worth: $9 billion
Shahid Khan is one of the few billionaires who posses both Pakistani and American citizenship and own companies both in the United States and United Kingdom. He owns Flex-N-Gate, an auto parts company. In addition, he owns Jacksonville Jaguars, a National Football League (NFL) team, Fulham FC, a professional club that is in the English Premier League (EPL), and All Elite Wrestling (AEW), a professional wrestling promotion. In addition, he is a philanthropist and participates in many charity works centered on education, sports, and diversity.

2. Mian Nawaz Muhammad-Sharif

Net worth: $10 billion
Syed Mian Muhammad Nawaz is a Pakistani born British billionaire who is running a number of businesses not only in the home country but also abroad. He is the principal and founder of Sharif Group, an aggregation that generates sugar, steel, textiles, power, and agriculture. He also possesses the ownership of Park Lane in London. one of the worlds most expensive commodities He previously served as the prime minister, who was not only a key player, but also a well-known statesman himself.

1. Abdul Razzak Yaqoob

Net worth: $12 billion
Abdul Razzak Yaqoob was an Arab-emirati entrepreneur who set up ARY Group, a media and a gold trading empire. He owned ARY digital network, too, among the largest TV networks in Pakistan and Mashreq area. He possessed ARY gold too, among one of the top three gold exporters and importers internationally. He was a generous donor and a supporter of high-handed social and religious issues such as education, health care, and Islamic propagation.

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