The Top 3 Best Burger Joints in Karachi

This food series presents you with the top 3 best burger joints in Karachi. Karahiites’ love also lies in picking and choosing the juicy burgers at different locations.

Let’s Get Started: The Top 3 Best Burger Joints in Karachi

Karachi is a city also famous for its different burger joints that offer unique tastes and a fusion of desi and continental touches that take your taste buds to the next level. You will be amazed by the different burger joints opened in every town of Karachi, whether it is Gulistan e Jauhar, Gulshan e Iqbal, Federal B. Area, Bahadurabad, or any other block. The top-class burger joints have different branches opened in almost every town in Karachi.

So, let’s dive deep into exploring each of them one by one.

Red Apple-Gulshan Branch

RED APPLE /  Best Burger Joints in Karachi

They also have a number of other branches working in different places.
I find their burgers much more economical if I compare the prices of burgers from different burger joints in Karachi. Moreover, the quantity of their burger is also very satisfying.

Crex Burger

The Crex Burger was 100% in taste, quality, and quantity, and I find it economical. The size is way too big, and I believe once you eat it, you will not resist trying it often.

Mega-Crispy Chicken

This burger was way too satisfying in quality and quantity. It was freshly prepared, and on top of that, the burger was heavily loaded. The exotic layers of cheese and yummy sauce will make you try this out more often.

Chicken chutney roll, and malai boti roll.
Matka biryani
Makhni handi with garlic naan

Burger O’ Clock

Burger O’ Clock / Best Burger Joints in Karachi

I have their tried Firebird, chicken crisp, and smoky tang. Although Firebird and chicken crisp vary in size, I find the taste somewhat similar. Whereas, I didn’t understand smoky tang; as for me, it was unbearable to eat.

Their mayo-garlic fries was way too saucy. Although their plain fries are perfectly salted.


Plain Fries

Burger Lab

Burger Lab / Best Burger Joints in Karachi

Burger Lab is also one of the most popular burger joints in Karachi.

The Doppler

Despite the high prices, their double patties quantity is not that satisfying. However, it was freshly prepared and tasted.

Burger Lab

Fire House

The Fire House is quite satisfying in taste, quantity, and quality. However, their prices are a bit on the higher side.

The appetizing and delectable burgers have unique flavors, which makes Burger LAB a perfect go-to burger joint for burger fanatics.

Fire House
Animal fries

Key Takeaways: The 3 best burger joints in Karachi

These are some of the best burgers that I have tried from the top 3 burger joints in Karachi. A Karachiite would have these top 3 burger joints on their list because they are the ones mostly famous in Karachi. The suggestions and recommendations are based on my experience trying these three places.

If you are striving to explore and taste the best burger joints in Karachi, then you must try out these top 3 burger joints in Karachi. Then, without searching in vain, try out the recommended ones from the 3 top burger joints in Karachi.

This bring us to the end of this blog.

Details about 3 Best Burger Joints in Karachi

Burger Lab: their official website

Burger O’ Clock: their official website

Red Apple: their official website

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