Welcome To the New Fried Chicken Rival in K-Town: California Pizza’s Fried Chicken

Have you tried California Pizza’s Fried Chicken?

Does this level up the flavour game?

Let’s dig in

Grab a seat, as I am going to review the newly introduced fried chicken at California Pizza. It is exciting that major food outlets are rivaling in food delights and trying to level up the flovors’ game.

California Pizza introduced their “Crunch Tastic,” which consisted of Zesty Krunch, Fried Chicken, and Crunchy Zing, for which they also have different deals and combos.

The Review: California Pizza’s Fried Chicken and More

Venturing into new flavors, we selected combo 3, which consisted of 1 Zesty Krunch, 1 piece of fried chicken, and fries.

To cut a long story short, it was not a game-changer. The burger’s taste was not too promising or flavorful; it was an average one. And the same goes for the fried chicken; I didn’t find the crunchiness and striking flavor that enticed me to crave more.

In Short

This was a personal experience, and experiences can vary. If California Pizza improves it and enhances the flavor, they can elevate their game.

Feel free to share your thoughts and comment down below about your experience with California Pizza’s Fried Chicken. Was it a yay or nay?


This review reflects my personal experience with California Pizza’s Fried Chicken and is subjective. Tastes can vary, and what might be a preference for me may differ for others. I encourage you to try it yourself and share your own thoughts in the comments.

Happy dining!

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