Kababjees: #1 Highway’s Best Bite!

Today, this food series presents you with the appetizing food arena of kababjees. However, it has different branches working in different blocks. But I have the pleasure of visiting the one on the Super Highway.

Let’s Get Started: Kababjees Restaurant



Kababjees is one of the most fine-dining restaurants in Karachi. Karachiites are big fans of the variety of food, services, and exotic ambiance provided at their highway and Do-Darya branches.

The Discount Availed

On different bank accounts, Kababjees offers massive discounts. The discounts can be availed of at any branch. But we went to kababjees at highway.

The Ambience

The ambiance is one of the most noticeable and exciting features of Kanabjees, as it lures customers into it. So that they have it as their first option to visit. Although there was not much of a crowd because of the weekdays, it was epic and captivating.
Although we liked the qaleen and takht systems of sitting, we wanted to eat on the rooftop.
On the rooftop, what more can I say? It was impeccable.

The Meals Ordered

We ordered chicken peshawri Karahi, chicken Makhni Handi, BBQ Platter, and Tarragon Steak. Alongside Handi and Karahi, we ordered plain naan, roghni naan, and some poori paratha. For the sidelines, we ordered fries.
That’s what we ordered.

Food Arrival Time

They merely took 20 to 25 minutes to serve, so I believe it was good. Luckily, it didn’t end up like that at some other restaurants, where eaters are required to wait for a considerable amount of time.

The Food Review: Kababjees Restaurant


Let’s start with the one that tempted me first—the Tarragon Steak. It was freshly prepared and cooked. With veggies, it tasted rich in flavor and taste. I liked it very much.


Moving on to the Chicken Makhni Handi, it was creamy and luscious in taste and flavor. No doubt a finger-linking handi to try it again and again. The quantity was reasonable; although the prices were on the higher side, it was not worth the money spent.


Peshawri Karahi was also rich in taste and appetizing. However, as compared to other dishes, it was just good. To be noted, it was spicy and had a very different taste, and for me, it was unique in taste.

Let’s devour down to the BBQ platter. All the seekh botis and kebabs were tender, juicy, and up to the mark. However, as the prices are higher, I was a bit disappointed by the quantity.
Garlic naans and plain naans were delectable and awesome. They were very good.

The Prices at Kababjees Restaurant

As we were deciding on the menu, we noticed that prices were on the higher side. Going to Kabajees and trying their food is too expensive for ordinary people to afford.

The Staff Services

The staff were cooperative and guided pretty well. Overall, their services were quite good; they again served us freshly prepared hot naans as we went for prayers. They were polite, welcoming by nature, and well-trained.

The Rides

Their rides were quite fun for both adults and young people. Amazingly, the ticket prices for rides were affordable, and one could enjoy them easily.

The Key Takeaways

Firstly, if you are going to Kababjees, do consider that their prices are way higher. But they have quality and rich food to serve with pleasure. This review is based on my experience and visits to the restaurants. It can vary.
If you are a food explorer and want to try quality food, then Kababjees should be on your top list. Do visit it and share your review in the comment section.

Kababjees: Official Website

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