Onederland: Best Adventure Destination – Tickets, Rides, and More

The best adventurous place for Karachiites is Onederland, located in Lucky One. On weekends, it is crowded with people as it has the perfect adventuring features.

Let’s Dive into Onederland

If you haven’t visited the adventurous place of Onederland, located in Lucky One, Karachi, then this year 2023 might be perfect for you.

Or if you have visited this place, I am sure you are planning to pay the visit again, but you are looking for updated ticket prices, the time limit they allow, and other essential details. Then your search ends here, because today I bring you the guide in which I will explore each and every small detail and why it’s a go-to place to visit as soon as possible if you haven’t had the chance to visit once.

Onederland opened quite a while ago, but it’s one of the top family entertainment centers in Karachi, located on the second floor in Lucky One Mall.

The Lucky One is one of the best and largest shopping malls in Karachi, home to a multitude of stores and brands. This shopping mall opened its gates to the public in 2017.

Now, let’s delve deeper into exploring the ultimate family entertainment center.

The Timings

First and foremost, before visiting, you must know their timings for weekends and weekdays so that you don’t enter there uninformed. Monday to Thursday, 12:00 PM to 11:00 PM Friday: 2:00 PM to 12:00 AM Saturday: 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. Sunday, 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. So, now that you know this, you can easily plan your visit to this fun-filled place.

The Rides and Fun Activities

Play Arium

This area is for children, where they can do fun-loving activities like climbing, jumping, and sliding while also crossing over obstacles to pass them all. The children can also jump over the pool of colorful balls while playing with them. There are various fun-filled activities in this area that can be of interest to them.

Space Wing

This ride will take you up and down and swing back and forth. This ride is a must-try because it will give you butterflies while sliding up and down and swinging back and forth.

Wall Climb

You need to have resilience in getting over top, as there are various obstacles in between that can anytime spring back you down.


It’s a fun-riding activity on little ponies for children that goes round and round. This fun-filled ride will leave you with bursts of laughter.

Bounce and Spin

This area is called the bounce station, on which you can bounce and spin hard. After leaving this place, you will have a wide smile plastered on your face.

Tot Plot

This area is dedicated for toddlers to play around and laugh hard. They can crawl, sit around, and have a chilling and fun-filled time.

Kiddie Games

There are helicopters, cars, jingles, bikes, and more to ride on for kids. A fun-filled area for kids to enjoy and fill the area with giggles and laughter.

Hologate Virtual Reality

It’s a VR headset once the player puts it on; this advanced technology creates a next-level, realistic experience that you haven’t gotten to experience before. This is suitable for players of any year of age or skill level; you will get immersed in it deeply and will not want to leave. Dark Ride Hold fast to your guns. Take a closer shot at werewolves, zombies, and road fighters because they can attack from any corner. Take a closer look so that they don’t attack you.

Spinning Roller coaster


This thrilling and exciting ride with turns and twists will give you butterflies in your stomach. A roller coaster ride from which you won’t resist trying it other times.

Rope Course


This fun-filled activity is all about getting to the other side, climbing over rope walls, and making your way through tires. sides, all you need to safeguard, and don’t let yourself fall below.



This ride takes you up, down, and sideways. This thrilling ride gets you high in the air, above the ground.

Ultimate Spin

Show courage and resilience by taking over this ride. This gives a thrilling spin, which you hold fast and taste up your grip to enjoy this ride fully.

Redemption Games

This is all about what skills you have and how you get them. You can redeem your tickets and grab your prize. So guess? What is your prize?

Carnival Games

In this game, you need to try your daring luck and test your aim.

Novelty Games

In whichever position the claw drops, it will pick up the reward that comes in. All you need to do is play smartly with the buttons.

Table Games

Gear up Roll up your sleeves and pick up the sticker as the game starts. All that matters now is hard work. Roll up your sleeves. Pick up the striker and strike it hard so that it scores the goal.


Several special events are hosted there, such as Independence Day, the Gadoon event, Oneder Lootlo, PSL, and more. The events get you engaged and create a fun-filled experience for you at this amusement center.


You can book this exciting amusement center for birthdays and school visits.


You can bring your six buddies and enjoy all over the place for just 1,500 rupees.

Why is Onederland the Best Adventurous Place?

Onederland is famous for its various rides and fun activities. Whereas, if we talk about the ticket, it is also very economical. On weekends, the island is crowded with people. Children of all ages enjoy their hearts out at this best adventurous place located in the big and elegant Lucky One mall.

The Key Takeaways

Onederland is one of the most adventurous places. Before visiting, do consider the ticket price mentioned and the important details.

So, without waiting further, plan an exciting visit to this most adventurous place, Onederland, with your friends and family.

Details about Onederland

Onederland: Official website

You can find out details about recharging your card, buying a new card, making a balance inquiry, and much more on their official website.

Located in: Lucky One Mall

Address: LA-2/B, Rashid Minhas Rd, opp. UBL Sports Complex, Block 21 Karachi

Phone: (021) 36377126

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