Shaheen Shinwari Restaurant: #1 Dining Delight

In this food series, I will take you through a Shaheen Shinwari restaurant famous for its capacious environment, pleasant ambiance, and finger-licking food. The restaurant is located on the Super Highway. The restaurant has an exotic ambience, appetizing food, and an amazing area for kids.

Shaheen Shinwari Restaurant

Setting the Table

Shaheen Shinwari restaurant, a hub for serving delicious meals, has been open since 2001. They offer a variety of foods and provide an exquisite dining setup and ambiance that make it one of the most attractive restaurants on the highway. The restaurant presents a cozy and natural vibe.

Shaheen Shinwari Restaurant

Seating Options

As you enter Shaheen Shinwari restaurant, you will be enthralled by the seating options they offer, including the table-chair system and the desi takhts with decorated cushions for people to sit comfortably. They also have cozy greenery-type compounds for families to sit in a relaxing manner.

On top of that, they also have a playing area for children, where there are multiple options for games available for children and teenagers.
It also provides you with a decent prayer area and a masjid for men.
In this spacious, delightful restaurant, you will also find different food shops, such as ice cream shops, pan shops, and others.

The Menu

Now, let me take you through the appetizing meals Shaheen Shinwari restaurant offer. They have a variety of karahis, handis, BBQ, Chinese cuisine, desserts, their specials, and much more.

Shaheen Shinwari’s Specialties

Their specialty lies in Mutton Pyaza Karahi, chicken zaitoon butter karahi, Mutton zaitoon butter karahi, Afghani Kabuli Pulao, Shinwari Pota Dana, Afghani Namkeen Seekh, Namkeen ribs, chicken namkeen seekh, mutton namkeen seekh, and masala ribs. These finger-licking meals will not stop you from visiting this exotic restaurant more often.

Karahis and Handis

Shaheen Shinwari Restaurant

There are several options available for karahi and handi lovers, such as chicken boneless karahi, chicken green karahi, chicken achar karahi, chicken white karahi, chicken chatpati karahi, chicken brown karahi, chicken shinwari karahi, and more. In mouth-watering handis, they have got you: chicken boneless handi, chicken makhni handi, chicken paneer rashmi handi, chicken shahi handi, and others.


Wait, BBQ aficionado, they have you covered with variety such as lahori Chargha, beef chapli kabab, fried fish, chicken tikka, chicken boti, chicken bihari boti, chicken kastoori boti, chicken rashmi kabab, chicken shashlik BBq, chicken malai boti, chicken, and more, not just in chicken but in beaf too.

The restaurant menu is not complete here, but as said in the beginning, they have a variety of foods. In Chinese, they serve you with pleasure the soups, chicken shashlik with fried rice, chicken manchurian with plain rice, chicken chilli (dry or gravy, both available) with fried rice, chicken chow mein, chicken tampura, Singaporean rice, and others.

They don’t leave you there, but fill it till the last bite is covered in tempting desserts. In desserts, they have kheer, rabree, faluda, kulfis, ice cream, halfway, and seasonal desserts.

The Recommendations for Shaheen Shinwari Restaurant:

If you are paying a visit to Shaheen Shinwari restaurant, then you must go for the chicken makhni handi, chicken karahi, and chicken tikka. These meals were rich in flavor and luscious, and this opinion is based on my experience.

Shaheen Shinwari Restaurant: A Perfect Place to Host Events

Whether you need to host a family dinner, a party, a shadi and valima dinner, or get up with friends, they won’t let you leave with a disappointing face. Your experience there will make you yearn to visit this delightful restaurant more often.

Arrive Early: Secure the Perfect Dining Experience

But, for this, you need to arrive at the restaurant half an hour before to make your reservations and sit as much as you like. Because, as soon as evening transitions to night, families wait in lines for their place. So in order to wait in worry for your place and reservation, it’s better to arrive a little early and score your spot on weekends.

This place, nestled on the Karachi Super Highway, will surprise you with its amazing dining and luscious, rich meals.

So, what are you waiting for?
Bhook Lagi Haina?

Shaheen Shinwari Restaurant

Then grab your meals at Shaheen Shinwari this week.

Details about Shaheen Shinwari Restaurant

Service options

 Dine-in and drive-through options are available, and delivery is also available.


Super Highway, Gulzar E Hijri Scheme 33, 8 B, Gulshan-e-Maymar mor Sector, Karachi, 75330


It opens in the evening and closes 2 am

Shaheen Shinwari Restaurant Page

You can see the menu, reservations, and place an order on their official page down below.


0331 8047003

Disclaimer: This Shaheen Shinwari restaurant review is based on my experiences at the restaurant.

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