Taj Darbar Review: The #1 Sensational Highway Eatery

This food series presents you with a Taj Darbar review. Taj Darbar is a multi-cuisine restaurant. They serve you with pleasure the continental, subcontinental, and frontier sides of delectable meals. While offering a safe and pleasurable ambiance, they haven’t compromised on their food. They offer a unique taste, and you will not resist visiting them more often. This restaurant is located on the highway.

If you are a foodie or taste explorer and haven’t visited this outlandish food restaurant, then you have missed out on a substantial piece.

Taj Darbar Review

Introduction: Taj Darbar Review

This article explores an exotic restaurant that has opened recently on Highway Karachi. In a short span, it has gained the center of attention for Karachiites. Whether it’s the exquisitely elevated highway, the mouth-watering foods, or the sensational ambiance, you will not be able to resist this tantalizing restaurant.

Without letting you wait in temptation, let’s dive deep into this short journey of Taj Darbar review.

The Exotic Dining Setup

One exciting feature of this fascinating restaurant on Highway that has lately quite taken a buzz among Karachiites is its elevated highway dining. The air-conditioned dining place is a rare-case scenario of dining areas in restaurants on the highway. Maintaining the legacy of all other restaurants on Highway, it offers you a spacious sitting area. Whether you like to sit in the open-air area or the inside dining halls, they provide you with both facilities.

The Menu

Let’s now feast our eyes with the mouth-watering and flavorful meals that await you. In the mouth-feeling Karahis, they offer Chicken White Karahi, Mutton Karahi, Chicken Peshawri Karahi, Mutton Peshawri Karahi, and other enriching Karahis. In Handis, they feast you with flavorful, enriching ones: Paneer Reshmi Handi, Makhni Handi, Tikka Masala Handi, Daal Makhni Handi, and others.

You need to leave your temptation for more. In flavorful BBQ dishes, they offer different options of Malai Boti, Haryali Boti, and others. Some other sensational options in tikkas for you are Chicken Behari Tikka, Malai Tikka, and others. In beef-meal BBQs, you will be feasted with Beef Seekh Kababs.

No worries, Mutton-lovers! They have got BBQ for you in Mutton too.

This tempting food journey is not over yet; Taj Darbar has a variety of other dishes, such as sajji, for sajji lovers. For fancy-eaters, they have got for you steaks and all, and drool-over Italian pastas.

They serve with pride various appetizing dessert options available for dessert fanatics. Not to worry, they will get you covered with tempting Gulab Jamuns, kheer, and more.

A Great Option for Hosting Events

Taj Darbar Review

If you are planning to feast with your family or friends or have to have your walima dinner or any celebration that you want to hold at this fancy restaurant, I bet you won’t regret choosing this place and investing your money and efforts in making it memorable.

But that’s not all; Taj Darbar has supportive staff. They put you at ease and comfort by delivering quality and fresh meals.

The Taj Darbar Review

Taj Darbar Review

First and foremost, this restaurant is a must-visit place. They have well-trained staff, good services, and, on top of that, they care for hygiene. Moreover, the most amazing thing is the dining options available for people: the elevated rooftop and air-conditioned inside halls. The roof-top seating places also offer breathtaking views to enjoy while eating.

Their chicken Karahi and chicken malai boti are rich with flavors and spices. They are worth the taste and money.

Taj Darbar Review

Taj Darbar Review

The restaurant has a sufficient parking area and also has wheelchair availability for disabled people. The quick and quality services, charming ambiance, and enjoyable play area for children are also another plus point of Taj Darbar. The spacious and exotic ambience is truly magnificent. Another wholesome advantage is that they accept all credit cards.

The Prices

The restaurant offers quality meals, though they are expensive on the higher side. Yes, the prices might not be an affordable option for some. You should have this in mind before visiting this place.

Conclusion: Taj Darbar Review

Taj-Darbar is a restaurant that offers multi-cuisines. It is famous among Karachiites for a number of reasons. With an exotic ambiance, there are both indoor and outdoor dining options. Their food’s taste is just up to par. However, prices are quite high, so its not an affordable option for some people.

Don’t forget to try their chicken karahi and chicken malai boti; they are worth the taste.

This brings us to the Taj Darbar review.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t just tempt over this review. Let your inner foodie out and visit this exotic place so that you can also praise TAJ DARBAR out loud!

Details about Taj Darbar

Service options

Dine-in and drive-through options are available, but delivery is not available.


Dr. Mushtaq Hussain Rd., Sector 4 B Gulzar E Hijri Scheme 33, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh 75400


Opens at 6 p.m.


0341 8251111


Taj Darbar’s facebook page

Disclaimer: This Taj Darbar review is based on experiences at the restaurant

Do comment and tell me about your experience at Taj Darbar.

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